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English Breakfast
Decaf available

Earl Grey
Lady Grey

Wild Berries 

Lemon & Ginger
Green Tea

All our Teas are generous pots for one person or two £2.00 per person

Espresso - aromatic. full bodied and served short & black    £2.00
Americano - double espresso topped with hot water    £2.50
Americano - as above but with milk or cream on the side    £2.50
Cappuccino - one third espresso, two thirds hot milk foam    £2.50
Café Latte - espresso based and topped with frothy milk & foam cap £2.50

Flat White - double hot espresso based and topped with frothy milk & foam cap    £2.50
Hot Chocolate - smooth & creamy hot chocolate    £2.50

Cold Drinks
Sparkling Water    £1.00
Still Water    £1.00
Milk    £0.75
Glass of squash    £0.50

We have an ever changing selection of cold drinks - please see the display for selection and prices.